Want to know how to successfully fight the dragon called FEAR? How to welcome the changes in your life that happen due to lockdown?


What I’m reading —
by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. This book was first recommended to me by the phenom that is Safi Bahcall, a former physicist and founder of a publicly-traded biotech company, who also knows hypnotism and a dozen other fields inside and out. It took me more than a year to dig into Joyful Wisdom, as I was turned off by the title. I expected another rinse and repeat of the usual Buddhist bag o’ tricks, which have never quite clicked for me. Much to my surprise, I quickly found insights, analogies, and practices that *did* stick in the first 100 pages.

Doing more Feet-Up training is the ultimate best measure you can take against those devilish diseases that may hit you in old age: stroke and/or Alzheimer’s Disease and it will also make you fully awake if you are feeling a bit dizzy in the morning still.. So I actually invested in my X-Mas present already and ordered one of those and WHOW – it’s super.

FeetUp® Trainer – Classic – White

But there’s more! Since we have more time on our hands as we are not stressing around to meet customers or friends all around town or the country for that matter- we have time to reflect and contemplate.

To help you do this watch this video below by the great thought leader – Dr. Joe Dispenza. Let me tell you: some of my female friends can’t stand him because he’s so ugly….I keep saying: “look, I don’t want to marry that guy, just listen to his wisdom about how the unconscious mind works, of which he has plenty. ” You feel FEAR in this Pandemic and it’s consequences on all of us because life has become so unpredictable?” Help is on the way here…


PLEASE- listen to Joe and reflect.


PS.:Watch out for my next social media posts – I’ll be offering a sensational special private Skype session to help you remove fear and anxiety in just 1h session!



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