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If self-control is a key component of emotional intelligence, how come we fail time and again? And how come we feel bad about it and build up stress, which in turn is the biggest danger to our health, well being and happiness?

I’m offering a service for people who are bound by  EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES causing great stress, disharmony and even illness in their life.  Like I once did.

I was an export-sales manager who had to travel a lot, was suffering from chronic infection of my ovaries for which the doctor prescribed just antibiotics and gave me calcium-injections; the tablets upset my stomach, made me sleepless, which in turn made me grumpy with my co-workers, my son and my partner. For 18 months I tried to regain my health and reduce stress.
In vain. After finishing one package of antibiotics I felt OK for 2-3 weeks, during which I stayed away from my beloved outdoor sports to avoid new infections by exposing myself to the cold- like ice skating, skiing, swimming and so on- things we loved to do as a family, but I now no longer could take part of.


a woman being pulled in all directions, stress-related illness, stress release

I did Yoga, meditation, sauna-days,  therapy, but the pressure I was feeling just kept mounting up. No matter what I tried, the infection would come back like clockwork….my stress level mounting…! I felt like the woman on the right picture here- being pulled in all directions.

One desperate Friday- returning from a doctor’s appointment where I had been told  to go to hospital to have my ovaries removed – I ‘accidentally’ met my friend on the street- she drives a very exotic car so I recognized her in all the busy Munich traffic- I hooted my car-horn and she stopped at the next opportunity, I got into her car and under bitter sobs and tears I told her my dilemma.

She offered to remove my EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES in just ONE  session. And no- she said- “I do NOT need to hear your long painful story and your soul’s secrets – I’ll just ask questions- and you visualise things by yourself – and you answer my questions with just a word or two.”

I had never heard of such a thing, but on the other hand- I had nothing to lose, did I? So I agreed.

As she led me through the session, at last I could free myself from all the bonds. I felt deep peace and whereas I had not even been able to walk upright before the session for crippling back-pain, now I stood straight and proud. In the next 4-6 weeks I had the inner power and energy to re-organize my private and professional life and regain my health – (the latter by consulting a homeopathic doctor instead of checking into the clinic for the surgery. With his help, massages, teas, vitamins + minerals, etc.,)  I was able to cure my chronic ovary-infections during the following weeks once and for all..they never came back. My life was perfect! Much later – I asked myself: “why on earth hadn’t I considered this option of alternative ways to heal my infection prior to this? ” Answer: “I was so stressed out – I could not THINK clearly! I somehow “was not myself”!

In the end – some time later-  I lovingly remembered the outcome of the  HEALING session I had undergone, had heard many other, similar, effects on people from all over…so I decided to undergo training to study this amazing HEALING METHOD to REMOVE EMOTIONAL BLOCKADES AND STRESS to apply the method as business coach  to help others to free themselves  from the bonds of stress and discontent, to experience more joy, deep peace and happiness.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a service like that?

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1h Transformation® – a unique energetic healing method that clears emotional blockages.

What is 1h Transformation®?

1h Transformation® brings together elements of energetic work, spirituality, modern psychology and therapy to resolve emotional blockages, allowing you to free yourself and others from these bonds.  This allows you to experience more joy, deep peace, and to add to the coherence and healing of our world.

The 1h Transformation®training is not just for professional therapists.  1h Transformation® can be used on yourself and others including animals and children.

In a 1h Transformation® session a client is led through a deep resolution process in the protected environment of a therapy or healing session without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatizing memories.

The 1h Transformation enters into a particular state of consciousness similar to meditation, which is learned in the SKY-Intensive-Seminar. This enables the 1h Transformation-Coach to reach out directly to the subconscious of their client and into those levels where information is stored that the mind cannot normally reach. With presence, blockages, negative thought patterns and dogmas buried deep in the subconscious are dissolved.

After a 1h Transformation® session, a client may find an inner strength that makes it possible for them to deal with future stressful situations in a totally relaxed manner. Resolving these emotional blockages paves the way to physical health and creates an internal shift that produces positive changes in relationships.

Empower yourself to create positive transformations for your clients,  your friends, and family and for you with this dynamic and simple technique.

Meet one of our 1h Transformation Coaches here: Brigitta Vetter, and her Certificate that she has successfully finished her education as SKYourself coach by the famous ECOLE SAN ESPRIT. It is Brigitta’s story you have read above- BUT don’t be fooled because it’s a “woman’s” story. Illness is very often the result of stress in any human and comes in all imaginable forms. And it would be best to search help BEFORE your body rings the alarm in the form of illness! Whenever you feel your life is not going the way it SHOULD be going – treat yourself to a SKYourself session – we can do it ONLINE – no need to come to a personal appointment. HOW EASY IS THAT?








Just go and make an appointment online here– and let’s talk about 









Meet our second 1h Transformation coach- Ludmilla Jouliabina: her story is one shared by many people doing sport- in her case it was Yoga. Although she did Yoga once a week in an advanced class- she did it at home every day.  Suddenly her right knee started hurting and swelling until she could hardly walk anymore. She had it analyzed in a clinic and was told, she should have an operation and following this, do no sports for several months. She, too, was devastated by the outlook of her life, which would also disable her to do her job which involved quite a lot of walking around. Here again, by “accident” she heard about the  1h Transformation method and had 3 sessions in a span of 10 days – and right after, the swelling and the pain in her knee subsided, within a month it was all pain free- all she did was wearing a compression bandage around it for a while to support the knee during her long working day, and avoid certain Yoga-positions for several months. Ludmilla, too, was so impressed by the result of 1h Transformation, that she decided to undergo the training to become a 1h Transformation coach.



In case you are convinced, THIS IS FOR YOU – just hop over – click here and buy+book your COACHING SESSION right now!  We are not sure we’ll be making public appointments for much longer- as we are extremely busy with our other seminar programs.




Here’s more about self-control:

What is it about self-control that makes it so difficult to rely on? Self-control is a skill we all possess (honest); yet we tend to give ourselves little credit for it. Self-control is so fleeting for most that when Martin Seligman and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania surveyed two million people and asked them to rank order their strengths in 24 different skills, self-control ended up in the very bottom slot (for the record, self-control is a key component of emotional intelligence).

Watch Tommy Boy Struggle with Self-Control

Self-Control Secret #1 – Meditate

Meditation actually trains your brain to become a self-control machine (and it improves your emotional intelligence). Even simple techniques like mindfulness, which involves taking as little as five minutes a day to focus on nothing more than your breathing and your senses, improves your self-awareness and your brain’s ability to resist destructive impulses. Buddhist monks appear calm and in control for a reason.

Self-Control Secret #2 When it comes to self-control, it is so easy to focus on our failures that our successes tend to pale in comparison. And why shouldn’t they? Self-control is an effort that’s intended to help achieve a goal. Failing to control yourself is just that—a failure. If you’re trying to avoid digging into that bag of chips after dinner because you want to lose a few pounds and you succeed Monday and Tuesday nights only to succumb to temptation on Wednesday by eating four servings’ worth of the empty calories, your failure outweighs your success. You’ve taken two steps forward and four steps back.

With this success/failure dichotomy in mind, I give you six strategies for self-control that come straight from new research conducted at Florida State University. Some are obvious, others counter intuitive, but all will help you eliminate those pesky failures and ensure your efforts to boost your willpower are successful enough to keep you headed in the right direction for achieving your goals.

– Eat

File this one in the counter intuitive category, especially if you’re having trouble controlling your eating. Your brain burns heavily into your stores of glucose when attempting to exert self-control. If your blood sugar is low, you are far more likely to succumb to destructive impulses. Sugary foods spike your sugar levels quickly and leave you drained and vulnerable shortly thereafter. Eating something that provides a slow burn for your body, such as whole grain rice or meat, will give you a longer window of self-control. So, if you’re having trouble keeping yourself out of the company candy bin when you’re hungry, make sure you eat something else if you want to have a fighting chance

Self-Control Secret #3 – Exercise

Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel soothed and keeps you in control of your impulses. If you’re having trouble resisting the impulse to walk over to the office next door to let somebody have it, just keep on walking. You should have the impulse under control by the time you get back.

Self-Control Secret #4 – Sleep

When you are tired, your brain cells’ ability to absorb glucose is highly diminished. As I explained in Secret #1, your brain’s ability to control impulses is nil without glucose. What’s worse, without enough sleep you are more likely to crave sugary snacks to compensate for low glucose levels. So, if you’re trying to exert self-control over your eating, getting a good night’s sleep—every night—is one of the best moves you can make.

Self-Control Secret #5 – Ride the Wave

Desire has a strong tendency to ebb and flow like the tide. When the impulse you need to control is strong, waiting out this wave of desire is usually enough to keep yourself in control. The rule of thumb here is to wait at least 10 minutes before succumbing to temptation. You’ll often find that the great wave of desire is now little more than a ripple that you have the power to step right over.

Self-Control Secret #6 – Forgive Yourself

A vicious cycle of failing to control oneself followed by feeling intense self-hatred and disgust is common in attempts at self-control. These emotions typically lead to over-indulging in the offending behavior. When you slip up, it is critical that you forgive yourself and move on. Don’t ignore how the mistake makes you feel; just don’t wallow in it. Instead, shift your attention to what you’re going to do to improve yourself in the future.

Putting These Strategies to Work

The important thing to remember is you have to give these strategies the opportunity to work. This means recognizing the moments where you are struggling with self-control and, rather than giving in to impulse, taking a look at the Six Secrets and giving them a go before you give in. It takes time to increase your emotional intelligence, but the new habits you form with effort can last a lifetime.


  1. I really like these strategies and I start applying some of them. My great addiction is sugar, but I have found new teas which taste great and I don’t need so much sugar in them to enjoy them.

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