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The Hidden Airline Loophole
That Lets You Book $1,000
Flights for $20 or Less
~ It Works on 63 of the World’s Largest Airlines ~

Get Free Frequent Flyer Miles
and Use Them to Take Free Flights
Anywhere in the World

How I took my score from below 550 to over 750, using simple yet proven strategies.
The 5 key credit factors that credit card companies look at (plus which ones to focus on and which ones you can ignore.)
What to do if you have limited credit history so you can quickly start building credit.
The one thing you can can do to bump your credit score by up to 50 points in just a few days.
How using this system to get free flights actually helps build your credit score (while giving you free vacations!)

First things 1st, I personally have tried the method + would say, it works most likely only for people resident in USA-CANADA, or those who have bank accounts there.

Part One:
The Inside Scoop on
Frequent Flyer Cards and Points

Discover the 3 different kinds of frequent flyer points, and which ones are best for the parts of the world you want to travel to.

Part Two

Which credit cards you should get first (otherwise you won’t be able to get them in the future.)

One thing you can do to automate your credit cards – so you never have to worry about missing a payment.
My 3 favorite websites for finding credit cards that give you thousands of points just for signing up.
My simple to use spreadsheet to keep track of all your points and credit cards.

Part Three:
Double Your Chances of Getting Approved for Credit Cards

The best time of the month to pay down your card balances (this has a surprisingly large impact on credit score and your approval chances!)
A hidden way to talk directly to the person who decides whether or not to approve your credit card applications.
Exactly what to say to lenders to increase your chances of getting approved (and what not to say!)
When and how often to apply for credit cards. How many cards a year should you apply for? (How many free flights can you get?)
How to get business credit cards (which often have very high mile bonuses) even if you don’t own a business.

Part Four:
How to Hit Any Spending Requirement and Unlock Your Miles

Most credit cards have a spending requirement before they give you free miles. Example: “Spend $2,000 in 90 days to unlock 50,000 miles” (that’s enough miles for a round trip international ticket!)
How to meet these spending requirements easily and consistently, without adding any additional expenses to your life.
Learn the 3 easiest ways to artificially add expenses to your credit cards (without actually spending more money) so you can hit your spending requirements.
How to put your rent on a credit card, even if your landlord doesn’t accept credit cards (doing this alone is often enough to meet all your spending requirements!)

Part Five:
Eliminate Fees and Costs to Make This System 100% Free for You

Part Six:
Make Booking Flights with MilesFast, Easy and Effortless

A process for booking flights with miles that’s so simple, a twelve year old could do it.
The best times to book flights with miles (booking at the right time can cut your cost in half.)
The easiest websites to use for finding and booking flights using miles.
How to book flights with dozens of airlines – even if you don’t have frequently flyer miles with them!
How to avoid fuel surcharges, taxes and phone booking fees.

Part Seven:
Advanced Strategiesand Video Examples of Live Bookings

The most advanced tool for finding booking tickets with miles. And it’s free!
How you can find hidden flights that don’t show up on the airlines’ websites (e.g. United.com, Delta.com, etc.)
The one airport you must avoid in order to not pay hundreds in fuel surcharges. (It’s a major hub – a lot of people make this mistake!)
How to turn a 2 hour stop in an airport into a free 2 week stop (so you can see a new city – or country – without having to spend any more cash or miles.)
Five video demonstrations of booking flights with miles. (Look over my shoulders and see the exact process, step by step!)

“Return it for Any Reason“ 365 Day Money Back Guarantee



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